Developing technology solutions that shape the future of retail

Who we are

Public Next leads the digital transformation of retail, with solutions that allow organizations to reimagine processes, integrate technologies and introduce innovative services that allow them to stay ahead in the market.

Every day, we are reimagining retail and introducing new capabilities that empower people and address changing customer needs.

Omnichannel tools, personalization, fast and reliable order fulfilment, data insights and digital tools for a superior employee and customer experience. We develop and unleash the best technology solutions that shape the future of retail.

What we do

  • We foster innovation, tech integration and collaboration to enable new ways of servicing employees and customers in omnichannel retail
  • We combine expertise across an ecosystem of cutting-edge platforms, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft
  • We drive innovation by being agile, learning and adapting quickly

How we operate

As part of the Public Group ecosystem, Public Next combines best of breed technologies with innovative ideas to create synergies that bring additional value to organizations and their customers.

Our team of R&D experts, business solutions managers, software developers and IT professionals, combine strong technical skills, with problem-solving and entrepreneurial thinking to help organizations stay ahead in a competitive market.

We solve problems through a 360° approach, integrating research and existing knowledge of customer behaviors with technology.

The ultra-modern, 700 sq. m. hub within the Public Group’s HQ brings together information technology, digital and software development experts under one roof.

Join us

We shape the future of omnichannel retail by developing customer-focused solutions.

As future-ready innovators, we engage in multiple projects and create growth opportunities for everyone to find what they are looking for.

We are part of a unique omnichannel retail ecosystem that brings together the best in talent, ideas and technologies.

Together we can reimagine retail and unleash the best technology platforms to create new capabilities for people and inspire them to enjoy life.

We grow by continuously developing on each other’s ideas. Let’s grow together. Contact us!

Our culture

Customer passion

We are combining the best ideas and technologies to deliver an excellent customer experience. We are inspired by customer challenges and apply our expertise to help businesses lead the way to the future.


We experiment based on changing consumer needs and expectations. We develop solutions that empower retail employees and customers with new tools and services. We look to the future and seek to develop solutions that improve people’s lives.


We work together and value the diversity of talents and ideas. We trust and respect each other and we share the same passion for innovation. We lead with ethics and integrity.


We ensure everyone is included and provided with the tools and environment to thrive. We contribute new ideas and help each other grow and succeed. We are constantly growing, while also making a difference.