June 2, 2022

Public Next: The next, big step launched by Public Group

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The company completes a series of innovative projects and introduces a unique training and work experience program for young engineers

Public Next, the innovative tech hub launched by Public Group with a view to bring new and exciting experiences to consumers, is introducing the Public Next Graduate Program, in partnership with Code.Hub.

Already counting 60 tech experts and constantly expanding to reach a team of 100 by the end of 2022, Public Next is introducing a unique program that combines training & education with work experience. Through the Public Next Graduate Program, the company invites IT and Sciences graduates to take an important step in their careers by joining a dynamic in-house innovation team that is shaping the future of retail.

Undergraduate or postgraduate students with a passion for digital technologies can learn more about the program and submit their application at https://www.codehub.gr/product/public-next-graduate-program/. Public Next offers 12 months of education and practical experience in cutting-edge technologies, within its modern office space.

Public Next has significant experience in the implementation of innovative projects specifically designed for retail, including the development of Public.gr – the largest e-commerce site in Greece, and the launch of the Genie employee app – which enables Public store associates to offer speedy, out-of-queue check-out to customers. Moreover, the team has introduced a series of automations to modernise Public’s call centre operations, by enabling faster response times and integrating new service channels, such as chatbots. Likewise, the complete digitization of the Public loyalty program, as well as the introduction of electronic invoicing highlight the brand’s commitment to reduce single-use plastics and paper consumption. The latter project has been recently awarded during the Cloud Computing Awards 2022.

“Public Next, a vital member of the Public Group innovation ecosystem, designs and unleashes innovations that empower our customers, partners and people. Our team of tech experts has already gained several distinctions that affirm its dynamic growth and contribution to Public’s digitization journey. In partnership with Code.Hub, we are launching a high-powered 12-month training and work experience program and we are looking for young talent to join our creative team. By joining this program, we invite young graduates to work on exciting projects that advance Public’s capabilities and change Greece’s retail sector,” said Loukas Deligiannakis, CEO of Public Next.

Today, the Public Next team operates from state-of-the-art, 1000 sq.m. facilities, within the Public Group HQs, inspiring its developers and tech experts with creativity and a rewarding culture.

About the Public Group

Public Group is one of the largest groups in the retail and ecommerce sector in Greece and Cyprus. It supports an ecosystem of innovative companies and platforms that combine different technologies and talented people. Its flagship investment is the leading omnichannel retailer of home appliances, culture and technology products, under the popular brands Public and MediaMarkt. Public Group’s vision is to play a

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