October 14, 2022

More than 50% of Public’s receipts are not printed on paper

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E-Invoicing has been introduced at Public stores as part of the Love Earth programme

Demonstrating their ongoing commitment to sustainability, Public stores have chosen to give customers the opportunity to opt for an electronic receipt, should they wish to do so. E-invoicing is simply implemented via e-mail and offers a double benefit: it speeds up the in-store checkout process, as consumers can take advantage of out-of-queue checkout, while it also facilitates archiving of personal digital receipts and warranties.

To date, 50% of the people who trust Public for their purchases have chosen to issue an electronic receipt. Based on 2022 data, it is estimated that by switching to e-receipts, Public stores will be able to save over 30 tons of paper over the next three years.

Issuing an e-receipt at Public stores is simple and swift:

  • At store checkout, customers are asked whether they wish to receive the receipt in paper form or electronically.
  • If they opt for the latter, they provide their e-mail address and consent to receiving a copy of the e-receipt.
  • The e-receipt is then sent to the consumer’s email address.

Under the umbrella of the “Love Earth” program, Public takes concrete actions towards a more sustainable future, by adopting circular economy principles and empowering customers with green services and eco-friendly products.